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Antisocial teens more likely to become entrepreneurs

Researchers from the University of Stockholm recently published  a study  showing how modest antisocial behavior among adolescent boys was a positive indicator of future entrepreneurship (the  relevant characteristic was behavior rather than beliefs. When it came to antisocial attitudes that did not result in rule-breaking, the researchers found no correlation with entrepreneurship). The study used data on an entire […]

The Key Things that Happy People Never Do

Happy people do a lot of things. They spend time expressing gratitude, cultivating optimism, practicing kindness, nurturing loving relationships, committing to meaningful goals, savoring life’s little pleasures, and so on and so forth. But they NEVER… 1. Mind other people’s business. Forget about what others are doing. Stop looking at where they are and what […]

Youth and Unemployment 2013- BBC News

Many young unemployed people feel marginalised, pessimistic and lacking in control over their lives, claims a survey by the UCU lecturers’ union. The survey of youngsters not in education, employment or training – so-called Neets – found a third had experienced depression and more than a third “rarely left the house”. The poll examined views […]

7 Shared Traits That Unite Women in Power

This year has seen women grab headlines across every sector in every corner of the globe. South Korea swore in its first female president (approximately 17 countries have women as head of government/state or both) and the corporate world saw many firsts in the form of Marissa Mayer. Yet very little changed in the business […]

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The Winner Effect: The Science of Success and How to Use It

I was lucky enough to attend a breakfast seminar with Prof Ian Robertson about his new book the winner effect. Ian is a clinical psychologist and neuroscientist and Professor of the psychology dept in TCD as well as having numerous visiting Professor positions.  You can find him on twitter @ihrobertson I was particularly excited about […]

How Culture Shapes the Office- HBR

Organisational Culture differs from country to country, but how does it affect the way that offices are laid out? Following a 5 year- 11 country study, researchers at Steelcase (office furniture company) have identified 6 dimensions of workplace culture that shape the social dynamics of an office. Autocratic v. Consultative A= minimal communication/ collaboration across […]

28th April – World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2013

The World Day for Safety and Health at Work is an annual international campaign to promote safe, healthy and decent work – the necessity of which  has garnered much media coverage this week  following another disaster in Bangladesh where  200 people have been killed in Dhaka,  following the collapse of a garment building Every day, 6,300 workers […]

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Effectively Influencing Decision Makers

Top tips from Marshall Goldsmith Every decision that affects our lives will be made by the person who has the power to make that decision, not the “right” person or the “smartest” person or the “best” person. Make peace with this fact When presenting ideas to decision-makers, realise that it is your responsibility to sell, […]