Availing of Davitt Corporate Partners’s Career Transitioning Programmes, funded by the EGF, couldn’t be easier.

Having successfully worked on previous EGF projects such as:

  • EGF Construction Programme which provided EGF supports to redundant employees within the construction sector. Those clients who availed of our personalised service included construction workers, Project Managers, Architects, Planners and Solicitors. A list of services these clients availed of is below.
  • EGF Talk Talk Programme for those affected by the closure of Talk Talk in Waterford. People who availed of our service included most roles to be found in a Call Centre such as Senior Management, Team Leaders, Customer Services Reps, Sales Reps and Trainers. A list of services these clients availed of is below.


Davitt Corporate Partners are now positioned to support redundant Lufthansa Technik Airmotive Ireland (LTAI) clients and NEETS clients (those under 25 years, not in employment, education or training). We can provide a broad range of career transition supports to individuals and groups. For example:

  • Help you manage practical issues and immediate concerns
  • Review of skills, knowledge and experience
  • One-to-one Career Coaching
  • Looking at different career options
  • Explore your strengths and areas for development through psychometric assessment and personality profiling
  • Identify vocational preferences
  • Bespoke Career Workbook developed specifically for each programme
  • Discover previously unknown skills and abilities
  • Refocus existing skill set in new directions
  • Set goals, create plans of action and make them happen
  • Job search techniques (can be done one-to-one or in groups)
  • Understanding and using the employment market to your advantage (can be done one-to-one or in groups)
  • CV production and cover letter writing (can be done one-to-one or in groups)
  • Competency based interview skills training including non-verbal and verbal communication (can be done one-to-one or in groups)
  • Educational Assessments to discover how you learn best and what assistance you can get if you decide to take up a course or further education


In the first instance, call or email Joanne Morrissey, EGF Project Officer, Tallaght Training Centre, Cookstown Industrial Estate, Dublin 24 on 087 6930894 or

  • Simply tell Joanne you want to avail of our service and she will put you in contact with us.

Please read the testimonials below from two ex-Talk Talk employees. Proof that this service works!


  • I only wish I had done it sooner! Having been out of work for nine months, I undertook a programme of career coaching with DavittCP through the EGF. Thanks to the coaching, within two months, I was back working again. The career coaching allowed me to understand my strengths as well as understand the areas I needed to develop and gave me the confidence to be able to sell those strengths with conviction at interview. It offered a thorough review of my interview technique and once I had produced a “master” CV, how I could tailor each CV and covering letter to the role I was applying for. The support does not end once the sessions finish. The encouragement and feedback continue as long as you require them. It is very clear that DavittCP genuinely want to see you succeed. The whole process was completely bespoke to my own needs and, as it is one-to-one, it is far more meaningful than any outplacement support I received when Talk Talk closed.  I will carry the invaluable learnings I acquired forward into my future career. I wholeheartedly recommend this programme to any of my colleagues from Talk Talk and I am more than happy to tell them about the programme myself. DavittCP have my private email address, so if you want to discuss any of this, just contact David Keane and he will give you my email address. When you add all the time you spend on the programme up, it probably equates to about 24 hours. What's that in the context of the rest of your life? Nothing! But it may help you find a career path or a new area of education that could change your life for the better, forever. Don’t think about it, call DavittCP and the EGF and do it – it’s a few hours that could change the rest of your life!
    Dave Phillips, Contact Centre Manager, Talk Talk
  • I was very impressed with David Keane, the professionalism of his company & the myriad of services available to suit all needs. I was at a cross-roads after redundancy so the coaching was extensive, allowing me to delve into my strengths & weaknesses through Psychometric/Personality Profiling among other assessments and DavittCP's bespoke EGF workbook which really helped me to think about my strengths, interests and values in ways I had not done before . I would highly recommend this to anyone at any level in employment or unemployment. It's a fantastic investment in your future & a choice I'm delighted to have made. Why do then what you can do now? If you know me or, know of me, from Talk Talk, please do not hesitate to contact me on and I will be happy to tell you first hand the level of expertise you will find at DavittCP and how I am so happy that I made the decision to pick up the phone and call them.
    Brendan O'Daly, Team Manager, AOL/TalkTalk