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Specialists in Business Coaching, Occupational & Organisational Psychology

Davitt Corporate Partners is Ireland’s leading Corporate and Business Psychology firm. Based in Dublin, our strategic business partners provide us with a truly Global reach. Our Dublin based Occupational and Organisational Psychologists are also highly experienced and fully accredited experts in Executive Business Coaching. We work closely with our Associates in fields such as Learning & Development, Organisational Design, and Management Processes, providing the most comprehensive services to our clients, across all industry sectors. Our clients are based all across Ireland, the UK, Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia. We provide our services directly and through our Associate network.

Our Areas of Expertise

Business Coaching

Davitt Corporate Partners is a team of expert Organisational Psychologists and Executive Business Coaches. We apply the most current and advanced occupational psychological techniques in the workplace. As a result, we consistently achieve success in the fields of selection, development, and coaching. Established in 1999, we are consequently Ireland’s leading Organisational and Occupational Psychology consultancy.

Occupational Psychology

We provide bespoke scientific interventions integrating key Occupational, Organisational and Business Psychology techniques that add exceptional value and produce tangible and measurable results. First of all, by discovering exactly what our clients’ requirements are, we tailor our intervention to provide them with the most effective and efficient service that is specific to their organisational culture and business needs. We design, develop and deliver Leadership Development and Talent Management Programmes for our clients, which are critical for Succession Planning. Furthermore, our expertise in areas such as job analysis, competency modelling and building emotional intelligence is quickly visible to anyone working with us.

Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing is designed to support hiring and promotion decisions, which are probably the most important decisions your business will ever make. Depending on resumes and interviews alone will not tell you whether a candidate will fit into your company’s culture. They will not tell you how a candidate will interact with existing employees and whether they will be committed to their role. Psychometric tests can and, hence, this is where they play a critically important role in your selection decision making.

Why Choose us?

  • Skilled and experienced staff

    We are comprised of a particularly skilled and experienced team of business coaches and Organisational psychologists. We provide the right backgrounds, experiences and skills to deliver our services to the highest possible standard.

  • Value for Money

    We know from our experience in the market place that our fee rates are competitive, and that when matched to the quality and experience of our staff, we offer clients unrivalled value for money.

  • Reputation

    As a well-established consultancy, we have a reputation that is second to none in the field of Organisational Psychology and Business Coaching. Probably the best indication of our success is the size of our client base and the extent of repeat business.

  • Independence

    Davitt Corporate Partners is totally independent. Our findings and recommendations are untainted by irrelevant factors. Thus, our clients constantly comment on the honesty and professionalism of our work.

  • Joint Working

    We genuinely work in partnership with our clients and believe in transferring our knowledge and skills throughout our relationship. Consequently, our clients develop and grow just as we do.

  • Commitment

    We bring the commitment and enthusiasm to all our services that are crucial to success. Our staff are mature and experienced professionals who are passionate about their work. We quickly and easily develop highly effective working relationships with clients, at all levels.



Over the course of my career I have participated in the interview process both as a candidate and as a prospective employer. I have been tested via psychometric tests on a number of occasions but what differentiated the process going through Davitt Corporate Partners was the hands on personal approach. From my experience, psychometric and similar tests have come in the form of unannounced emails with formulaic text which on completion (from a candidate’s perspective) go into the ether with little or no feedback. Davitt Corporate Partners go the extra mile and are extremely engaged throughout the process – giving advanced notice of what to expect and an overview of what will take place in the 4 hours at their office where further onsite logical and reasoning testing takes place followed by a thorough validation interview. Each stage is explained in detail giving the format, the context and the rationale behind each test. The entire process is transparent with each test scored and walked through on completion. The validation interview systematically steps through your psychometric results with interesting conversations arising at various points delving deeper into different areas.

Interviews, at the best of times are stressful situations but David Keane, while professional to the core, put me at ease and made the process insightful, educational and as pleasant as situations such as these can be.

A candidate gets immediate insights and feedback which irrespective of the role, is invaluable knowledge for the candidate to further understand and improve themselves.

I will definitely use Davitt Corporate Partners for my future hiring needs for senior positions after experiencing the process first hand.

Global Head of IT