DavittCorporatePartners is an organisation made up of highly motivated and dedicated corporate psychologists. Based in Dublin, we have exceptionally strong strategic business partners in the UK, Europe, Australia and the US.

What you can expect from us:

  • Skilled and experienced staff – we are comprised of a particularly skilled and experienced team. We provide the right backgrounds, experiences and skills to deliver projects successfully.
  • Value for money – we know from our experience in the market place that our fee rates are competitive, and that when matched to the quality and experience of our staff, we offer clients unrivalled value for money.
  • Joint working – we genuinely work in partnership with our clients and believe in transferring our knowledge and skills throughout a project. This ensures that our clients develop and grow.
  • Reputation – as Ireland’s leading organisational psychology consultancy we have an excellent reputation in our field. Probably the best indication of our success is the size of our client base and the extent of repeat business.
  • Independence – DavittCorporatePartners is totally independent. Our findings and recommendations are untainted by extraneous considerations, and our clients invariably comment on the “honesty” of our work.
  • Commitment – we bring the commitment and enthusiasm to our projects that is crucial to success. Our staff are experienced professionals who enjoy their work and quickly develop excellent working relationships with our clients.