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Managing Teams at Work

Teams are the crux of business life. Working in teams not only gives people a sense of belonging but it allows complex issues “that require a wide range of skills” to be addressed, thereby improving businesses’ technical and organisational quality.

Introverted Executives – Understanding Your Type & Strategies for Optimal Performance

According to eminent psychologist Carl Jung, people are innately different in the way they prefer to do things and one key dichotomy on which people’s preferences tend to vary is Extraversion versus Introversion. Jung’s typology theory purports that an individual’s natural preference for one of these functions over the other leads them to direct energy towards it and to develop behaviours and personality patterns characteristic of that function. In the context of organisational effectiveness, Jung’s theory, and more specifically his research around extraversion/introversion preferences, has significant implications and indeed applications in terms of executive behaviour.

Personality Profiling in Organisations – a Requisite for Success

The study of personality represents one of the largest areas of research within the entire discipline of psychology and one that has great significance in terms of its applications in a variety of organisational domains. Personality can be broadly defined as an enduring style of thinking, feeling and behaving that reflects how each person adjusts to their environment.

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Executive Coaching by Andrew Harley

The one certain feature of current business life is constant change. In this climate, the ability to deal effectively and productively with uncertainty is one of the key differentiating characteristics of the successful business leader.