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Building Relationships in the Virtual Workplace

The ability to build relationships appears on most job specifications and is considered a much sought-after attribute in employees. It is, however, such an obviously attractive attribute, that we do not often think about why it is valued. Is it still important if the majority of your workforce are now working remotely? In this new […]

Building your startup’s culture

An excellent article on how to build your start-up’s culture from the get go:   https://www.forbes.com/sites/bernhardschroeder/2020/02/04/when-you-lead-a-company-or-startup-you-are-creating-the-culture-whether-you-mean-to-or-not-ten-insights-to-building-a-great-culture-and-tribe/#5c30a8992d5e

What is a Culture Survey and Why Does My Organisation Need One?

The culture of an organisation directly affects its performance and the bottom line. Improved performance is a direct result of increased employee engagement. Data from Queens University Centre for Business Venturing shows that an organisation with an engaged culture reaps many benefits, including:   20% less absenteeism 26% less employee turnover 15% greater employee productivity […]

Managing Your Personal Impact

First impressions are, undeniably important in terms of building your personal brand. Most of us are aware that others make decisions about us within the first few seconds of meeting us. However, if we are striving to make a positive impact on others, it is important to follow-up, with behaviours which support those impressions. Ways […]

Encouraging Innovation in Your Organisation

Innovation is currently a popular buzz word in business and what many organisations are striving for in order to succeed in today’s competitive environment. How can we encourage innovation within our own organisations? In order for people to feel comfortable generating, and perhaps more importantly, voicing new ideas, they need to feel confident that they […]

You and your career

Learning and development is undoubtedly necessary to stay at the top of your game professionally. Therefore we all try and take the time to keep updated on current trends in our relevant industries. However, what other steps can be taken to ensure that you keep moving your career in the direction you want? Technical knowledge […]