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Remote Working is on the Rise – Infographic

We have been witness to huge monumental changes in the world in just recent years. With the advent of Internet technology, a large part of the globe have the ability to connect to the Internet which has also seen the rise of adoption and use of devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. As a result […]


Resilience Building – Infographic

Having the ability to be a resilient person is a fantastic asset in that it allows a person to have the ability to deal with what life throws at them. Our lives are wholly unpredictable and we simply cannot predict what will happen from one day to the next. Dealing with personal issues like grief […]

How To Build Personal Resilience

A resilient person can not only handle a difficult experience in the moment, they can also bounce back quickly afterward. We can develop our resilience by managing our thoughts, behaviours and actions. To find out how we can build our personal resilience, let’s check out our informative guide below! Understanding Personal Resilience Albert Ellis created […]

What is a Career Coach?

What is a Career Coach? Go to school, sit your Leaving Cert, decide on a college course, complete your studies and settle into a career: that’s the plan for everyone but it is a plan that rarely works. Some are lucky enough to know what career they want from an early age. Others figure out […]