Best Wishes for 2019 from Davitt Corporate Partners!

It’s that time of year again, lists of New Year’s resolutions are being made by many of us. Blue Monday however, is just around the corner. Blue Monday is the third Monday in January and falls on the 21st of January this year. It is so called because it has been deemed to be the gloomiest day of the year, due to the arrival of bills, the short, cold days and of course the fact that many of us have broken our New Year resolutions at this stage. So how can we mitigate the effects of Blue Monday? One way is to try manage our resolutions in a way which will maximise our potential for success. Here are some ways of doing this:

Break larger goals down into more manageable mini goals – this gives us small wins during the month, rather than setting lofty goals that are more difficult to achieve

Stack new habits – this is simply the process of adding your new ‘good’ habit to your daily routine – attaching it to something you already do. If your goal is to drink more water and you drink several cups of tea or coffee a day, then simply having a glass of water with each cup of tea will soon help you make that an automatic habit. Turning a new behaviour into a habit will make this more sustainable and easily achieved than remembering to do it as an independent action

Don’t be too rigid in your approach. We are all human and make mistakes. Sometimes our resolve is not as strong as we would like. If you do break your resolution, simply learn from the experience and move on. Learning from the experience is recognising what it was that caused you to break your resolution. Being aware of this factor can help you avoid this pitfall in the future

Reward yourself for achieving your goals, or mini goals – it’s important to recognise your achievements and the progress you are making and to celebrate that – it does not need to be anything big, but a simple reward to mark your achievement can help build your confidence and your belief in your ability to continue

Remember, success does not equal perfection!