Davitt Corporate Partners – Important Information

First of all, we would like to wish our clients, longstanding and new, and everyone we will be working with, during these unprecedented times, the very best of health and to be safe as we face some very uncertain times in the coming weeks and months.

While everyday life has changed beyond measure, for the vast majority of people, at Davitt Corporate Partners, we are still very much “open for business” albeit with some necessary alterations. We wish to emphasise that all changes we have introduced are in the interest of the health and well-being of our staff and that of our clients.

As experts in helping people develop resilience, we are practicing what we preach. We are still providing our world class services, many of which were already carried out on-line and remotely. For the time being, we are primarily working remotely rather than from our offices so that we can properly adhere to the Government’s social distancing policy.

For our selection services, all our usual assessments are available to be sent to candidates to be completed on-line. Then feedback and Validation Interviews will carried out over the telephone, or using VC. Reports are written, as normal, and emailed to clients in the same, swift manner that you have come to expect from us. As mentioned, we already work with many clients in this way, so from their perspective, everything will appear the same. However, certain processes will be quite different from our perspective. Then again, one of the many aspects of our continuous staff development and training focuses on working to the same exceptionally high standards you have come to expect from us, while dealing with ever changing and unpredictable circumstances, in a highly agile and nimble approach.

For our coaching and development services, again, any assessments that need to be carried out, for new clients, for example, can be done on-line, just as they would have been, before Covid-19. For the health and safety of our staff and clients, meetings will not take place face-to-face again, until the pandemic has passed. Instead, as with our selection and assessment services, meetings take place over the telephone, Skype, or specialist video conferencing applications, such as Zoom.

To contact us, please DO NOT leave a message on our office voicemail. Instead, we ask that you please contact us directly by email or on our mobiles. Our email follows the format of firstname@davittcp.com, so Adrienne Davitt is adrienne@davittcp.com, David Keane is david@davittcp.com, Jayne Lee is jayne@davittcp.com and Kirsi Aalto is kirsi@davittcp.com. The exception is David Gordon as there is already another David, so his email address is dgordon@davittcorporatepartners.com (please note, the short version of the email does not work for him). Finally, Andrew Harley can be reached on his own email address of andrew@eborel.co.uk. If you are contacting us for the first time and have a general enquiry, please use info@davittcp.com and one of us will get back to you within 24 hours.

The following are our mobile numbers:

Adrienne Davitt: +353-87-2429120
David Keane: +353-86-8361036
Jayne Lee: +353-87-9507856
Kirsi Aalto: +353-85-7169059
Andrew Harley: +44-7887-773848

Even if the country goes into lockdown, many businesses, including ours, will continue to operate. All of the measures and processes explained above can be done without setting foot outside, so no matter what, if you need our services, we will be here to provide them.

It is essential in these unprecedented times, where 100,000s have lost their jobs, that as many companies as possible continue to operate, for the sake of our economy. Without a strong economy, health services will suffer and more people will suffer unnecessarily. By keeping Ireland working, we can remain strong enough to fight Covid-19. At Davitt Corporate Partners, we are working to ensure other organisations have the most effective staff. One area in which we can directly help employers is to ensure they hire those who are resilient and adaptable enough to manage the current situation effectively. We can also work with current employees to help strengthen their well-being and resilience. In the event, you cannot continue to operate and have to make people redundant, we are experts in providing outplacement programmes, to help people move on in the best way possible, so they are ready to re-enter the workforce as soon as the right opportunity presents itself.