Happiness and Emotional Intelligence

Happiness and Emotional Intelligence

DCP attended a talk yesterday on Happiness and Emotional Intelligence in Trinity College Dublin, given by Prof Adrian Furnham, author of over 700 scientific papers and 57 books on:  Management Incompetence; Motivation in the Workplace; Team building;  and Happiness and Emotional Intelligence (to name a few). Furnham  has also been nominated by HR magazine as one of the 20 Most Influential People in HR since 2007

It was therefore no surprise that this talk was both highly enjoyable and informative. We watched Furnham overturn some common misconceptions surrounding the happiness effect (what makes people happy? how happiness is achieved?). Furnham’s comparitive studies on the stability of happiness among lottery winners and paraplegics provided surprising evidence for his arguments.  Furnham touched on many interlinking themes, including how happiness and  optimism relates to emotional intelligence.


Some top tips by Furnham for achieving happiness

  • Invest heavily in your friends (social support is crucial to wellbeing, and happiness)
  • Enjoy your work
  • Look after your mental and physical health
  • The harder you look for happiness, the less likely you will find it

Please see the link below for Adrian Furnham in action:


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