How Self Aware Are You?

How self aware are you?

Nine tips to increase your self-awareness and manage your personal impact.

• Consider how your interpersonal approach affects your working relationships at the individual, local and global levels.

• Evaluate the first impression you make on others

• Keep track of incidents during which your intentions were misunderstood. Did your approach effect the interaction?

• Assess your relationships with people in your business. Identify those who are easily managed and those who are challenging, consider how your approach positively or negatively effects your relationships.

• Observe others who manage others’ perceptions effectively. Compare your approach with theirs.

• Take professional personality inventories to gain insight into how others see you.

• Take time to recognize your emotions and responses to people. Try to identify reasons you respond in certain ways and to recognize your moods, context factors and patterns.

• Try to articulate your driving values, especially leadership values. If you are feeling threatened, conflicted or stressed your values can provide internal guidance.

• Think about key stakeholders in your organisation and how your actions might push their buttons.