Leadership Is a Conversation

How should Leaders Manage Communication in their Organisations?

Globalisation and new technologies have reduced the viability and efficiency of traditional,  top-down approaches to management. There is now a real need for realistic and sophisticated model of leadership to replace  these command-and-control views.

The Organisational Conversation Model

Groysberg and Slind have developed a new “organisational conversation” model of leadership based on data over the last 2 years. Their sample of 150 includes professional communicators, and top leaders from over 100 diverse organisations ranging in size, industry, and sector. This Organisational Conversation Model emphasises how  leaders must move towards conversational processes to manage the flow of information to and from their employees. The research shows that  smart leaders:

  •  Engage with employees in ways  resembling regular person-to-person conversation
  • Initiate practices/ foster cultural norms that instill conversational sensibility in organisations, allowing growing companies to function like smaller ones.
  • Dont simply issue orders. This allows them to retain —operational flexibility, high employee engagement, tight strategic alignment among other performance indicators.


The model identifies four elements:

  • Intimacy
  •  Interactivity
  •  Inclusion
  • Intentionality (these will be discussed in the next blog).





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