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Natural Talent Vs. Hard Work: Which Wins?

Many see natural talent as more important than hard work but is it true? In our latest infographic, we investigate which is more effective.

Sometimes we may feel that those with natural talent have it easier in life. Recent research has revealed that this is in fact true, with many of us exhibiting an unconscious bias towards “naturals.” In other words, we are often more likely to rate the performance of naturals as superior to the very same performance of hard-workers. Consequently, it can often be the case that the conscientiousness and pluck of “strivers” goes unappreciated.

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” – Tim Notke

While natural ability does provide a great advantage, the key to attaining real success comes down to hard work. Oftentimes, natural talent is sadly wasted because of a poor work ethic. This is especially apparent when “naturals” compete against driven, diligent hard workers.

Our infographic explores the relationship between hard work and natural talent and examines the respective benefits of both, it also offers advice on how to cultivate the best of both in yourself and others.

Natural Talent Vs. Hard Work: Which Wins? - Infographic