Outplacement – a worthwhile investment?

Outplacement – a worthwhile investment? by David Keane

In a word, Yes. An investment in a first-class Outplacement Programme can yield substantial returns – something that is all too rare in the current climate.

Many organisations choose not to run Outplacement Programmes as they think not doing so is another way to save money in addition to downsizing. The problem however is the ancillary loss in productivity that can come with this type of organisational upheaval. For example, turnover and absenteeism amongst remaining staff can significantly increase after downsizing or redundancies and turnover and absenteeism have been shown time and again to have a significantly negative effect on productivity.

An effective Outplacement Programme can begin to address some of these problems before they become too damaging. An effective Outplacement Programmes does not just begin after the event – providers assist the client from beginning to end – from pre-event advice and planning, to on-site presence when the news is delivered to staff, to follow-up coaching and support throughout the job-search process.

Losing your job is one of the most challenging events a person will ever have to experience in their lifetime. An effective Outplacement Programme works with people to help them deal with it and move on. With encouragement, interviewing practice, and regular coaching sessions, providers can help people deal with their fears and develop important job-finding skills. Having accepted their former employer’s circumstances and decisions, people are coached through the process—often reducing the job search time and often improving the kind of jobs they find, as well as giving them the tools necessary to move ahead in their careers.

Effective Outplacement Programmes steer former employees through the job search process and prepare them for future job changes. Clients are matched with an individual coach who serves as a point of contact, supplier of advice, and source of motivation. With a personal coach encouraging them, people can explore their strengths, learn new skills, reshape career paths, and move on more successfully to their next positions. Their CVs are prepared in a professional manner. They practice and sharpen interview skills. They find equivalent or better jobs faster than they would if left unassisted to manage this complex and challenging set of circumstances.

Clearly all Outplacement providers are not the same. An effective Outplacement provider should be able to understand the unique challenges faced by each individual organisation with whom they work. Ineffective Outplacement Programmes do little more than leave people feeling frustrated, helpless, and bitter toward the former employer. While the initial outlay may render a saving, organisations are warned against choosing the cheap option when it comes to selecting an Outplacement provider.

As providers of effective Outplacement programmes, we work to understand each company’s culture, objectives, and needs, just as we seek to understand each individual’s beliefs, goals, and aspirations. This understanding then forms the platform for a successful process. And we strive for the smoothest transition possible by avoiding the potential pitfalls of a poorly managed redundancy or rationalisation programme.

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David Keane is a Director at DavittCorporatePartners – Corporate Psychologists