Robin Sharma- Leaders Who Have No Titles- Leadership Seminar September 2012

This month DCP had the pleasure of attending one of Robin Sharma’s leadership seminars, where he took the group through a very enjoyable morning of practical tips and the latest thoughts on leading in today’s workplace.


As he outlines in his latest book ‘The Leader Who Had No Title’, Robin believe that we can all be leaders, and it is the ‘bigness of your impact, not the size of your position’ that really sets you apart as a great leader. He shared firsthand how he has worked with his clients (including Coca-Cola, Starbucks and Nike among others) to help them grow through their many and different challenges, to continue to be the world class organisations they are today.


Robin believes that the most successful companies are those who foster a culture where everyone is considered a leader, titles have no impact and each person contributes in their own way to the goals of the organisation. He believes people are at their best in work when they develop the skills that allow them to distinguish between the ‘real work’ and what he calls ‘fake work’, i.e. constant checking of emails, updating blogs and everyday distractions. He offers a number of tips to help people acheive this, and,  increase their productivity doing valuable work so that everyone can contribute to the business in a meaningful and leader-like way.



Some really practical tips he shared with us include:


7 ways to instantly increase your productivity

1. Spend the first 90 minutes of every day focused on money making activities


2. Set yourself the 40 day challenge to get up extra early to focus on what you want to achieve that day, exercise, or read the latest business books in your field, he recommends a 5am start to really make use of the most valuable time of the day


3. Set yourself 3 goals and focus on these exclusively for 100 days; make sure they are ‘game changing’ ideas and make them your obsession


4. Operate a ‘no office’ mentality, Robin recounted how some of his most successful clients avoid the clutter and distraction of a desk and work from their boardroom or meeting rooms


5. Construct a weekly schedule for yourself where you document all your commitments and priorities for the week, he does this on Sunday mornings and includes from family time, time spent on personal interests to travel and work commitments


6. Spend one hour a day with no stimulation- he advocates avoiding your phone/ipad/tv etc during this time, he uses his to catch up on his journal and read


7.  Associate with the giants- spend as much time as you can with successful people and learn everything you can from those you admire


Thanks to the ICBE for organising such a great event.


If you the above has sparked an interest you can find out more on Robin’s website, where he shares his resources including his blog, vlog, free e-book and many more useful and practical articles and thoughts.