Our services are divided into four areas of expertise.



Contemporary business is transacted on a global scale. To become and remain successful, organisations need to hone their competitive edge by deploying leadership teams that can impact beyond the confines of a single function or location.


Individual careers are generally an outcome of chance and opportunity. Although a pattern of progress is evident, this is rarely the consequence of a planned or deliberate process.


The ability to attract and retain talent is one of the key drivers of corporate success. A potential new hire, however, represents an element of risk. At senior levels the headline recruitment costs can be significant. A mistake can multiply this ten times, with the damage to reputation potentially ten times again.


Corporate vision and mission statements often describe the way that customers and stakeholders will be engaged and treated and how people within the business will work together. The challenge lies in how to turn this promise into a reality. The key is in how the people within the organisation behave. It is people that represent the business, both internally and externally. We have a great breadth and depth or expertise in translating organisational values into models of behaviour that can be measured and developed with structured cost-controlled processes.