Outplacement & Career Transitioning Services

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Executive Outplacement & Career Transitioning

Programme Outline & Features

  • Comprehensive psychometric profiling
  • One‐to‐one feedback, on‐going executive coaching
  • Tailored to individual’s own needs

Content areas can include:

  • Preparation of a personal development plan (PDP)
  • Career profiling, networking and personal impact – CV design and Interview preparation
  • Managing practical concerns including tax, pensions and personal finances
  • Support and coaching in your new job/role


  • 5-7 sessions recommended per person – inclusive of psychometric profiling & feedback, coaching, expert input from corporate psychologists & HR recruitment professionals, access to relevant literature, materials & resources

Benefits to the Individual

  • Increases self-awareness, highlights strengths & emphasises the positives
  • Equips individuals with requisite skills to search and prepare for their new ‘best-fit’ role
  • Helps make the transition a positive move forward for the individual
  • Provides access to expert and bespoke resources

Benefits to the Organisation

  • Projects a positive image of the organisation
  • Helps alleviate feelings of anger and fear associated with change and transitioning
  • Increases employee motivation
  • Improves ability to retain key staff during times of change

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