Managing performance is a key issue for organisations not only because it helps to create a culture of high performance and success but also because it clarifies, for employees, how it is that they can contribute to organisational objectives.

At DavittCorporatePartners, we will work with you to create an effective, user friendly performance management system that is easy to understand, to apply and to participate in. The goal of the performance management process is to facilitate the agreement of objectives and to provide feedback to individuals on their performance against these objectives.

Typically we begin the process by liaising with management regarding core values and competencies and also business needs and requirements. Once an agreed performance management system is developed, it is imperative that buy-in is achieved amongst management and employees to the new system. We then ensure that the dynamic interpersonal skills that are involved in giving and receiving face-to-face feedback on performance are developed, as we readily acknowledge that regardless of how robust the actual process is, the system will not operate effectively unless reviewers have the required skill sets. As 360° feedback forms a central part of performance management, special attention is paid to developing awareness and understanding of how this process works.

Efficient performance management systems have considerable applied value in a number of business arenas, other than the obvious employee appraisal, and these can include:

  • Aligning training and development requirements with desired performance
  • Identifying internal talent for development and promotion
  • Career development and transitioning
  • Strategic planning initiatives
  • Successful benchmarking for future growth

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