The overall goal of team building is to enable team members build cohesive working relationships and to effectively combine their knowledge, skills and energy to achieve their business objectives.

Objectives of Workshops:

  • Practise and enhance skills of communication
  • Learn how to work with conflicting viewpoints
  • Enhance openness and trust within the group
  • Achieve an understanding of how you impact on each other
  • Deepen personal insights by providing realistic, facts based feedback
  • Help reduce self-deception concerning development needs
  • Give a meaningful, clear target and goal for participants

While this workshop is dynamic and challenging it is non-threatening. There is a large emphasis on developing morale and cohesion within the team wherein members feel comfortable and are skilled in giving and receiving feedback.

The material and approaches used are well validated and they work. In fact one of the first objectives of the team building workshop is to create a climate of openness, candour and trust that allows for open expression and feedback amongst team members.

Team members are asked to commit real energy to the workshop and if they do they can be ensured of real and meaningful improvements in terms of relationships and results within the team.

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