DavittCorporatePartners has developed a bespoke 360° feedback system that can be tailored to the specific needs of our clients without incurring the expense of building the assessment from scratch. We use your existing Competency Model to develop questions that examine these competencies. (If you do not have a competency model, or you feel the one you have is outdated, we can build one for you – see Competency Modelling).

The 360 can be presented in numerous ways. The three most popular options are:

  • Run it from your own dedicated website with your branding, logo and colours
  • Run from our website with our branding, logo and colours
  • A combination of the above


360º Feedback – An Overview

360° Feedback, or multi-rater feedback, is used by 90% of Fortune 500 companies. 360° feedback has grown out of the need to increase the quantity and quality of feedback to individuals…feedback that goes beyond the annual performance review process.

Traditionally, the manager has been the sole source of feedback. And the frequency of this feedback is often minimal. 360° feedback expands the circle of feedback providers to peers and direct reports, as well as self-evaluations. Feedback recipients receive a report that provides a gap analysis that details how they see themselves versus how they are perceived by those with whom they work closely. A trained coach then helps the individual to create a targeted development plan.

Individuals gain insight into their behavioural blind spots, they are better able to manage and they gain quantifiable data on interpersonal and leadership skills. The organisation gains benefits derived from a highly developed leadership, team effectiveness, heightened productivity and quality.

Successful 360° processes include several keys elements. First, the Board must buy into the concept that 360° is a valuable tool for improving performance and they must support its implementation.

Second, the survey must reflect the organisation’s culture and desired competencies. In the end, individual goals and action plans will be based on the feedback related to the survey questions. Therefore, it is imperative that the survey addresses a skill-set that will lead to individual and organisational success.

A coach takes individuals through their results so they can turn their feedback into action. Without effective coaching, 360° feedback becomes a time-consuming project without behavioural change. A coach helps the individual to understand their feedback, find underlying themes that are the behavioural drivers for their core challenges, and finally, help them to set meaningful goals and develop specific action plans that will lead to effective leadership and performance improvement.


What are the benefits of 360° feedback degree feedback?

To the Individual:

  • Perception is reality and this process helps individuals to understand how others perceive them
  • Uncover blind spots
  • Feedback is essential for learning
  • Individuals can better manage their own performance
  • Quantifiable data on soft skills


To the Team:

  • Better team environment as people discover how to treat others how they want to be treated
  • Supports teamwork by involving team members in the development process
  • Increased team effectiveness


To the Organisation:

  • Reinforced corporate culture by linking survey items to organisational leadership competencies and values
  • Better career development for employees
  • Promote from within
  • Improves customer service by having customers contribute to the evaluation process
  • Conduct relevant training


How is 360 different from personality or style assessment?

  • Styles tools measure traits or behavioural preferences, while 360 measures competence
  • Style explains how you are likely to behave, while 360 explains how you actually behave


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