Emotional Intelligence involves understanding your own feelings and being able to manage your emotional state so that you understand your preferences and what it is that drives you. Equally so, it is about being able to appreciate other people’s views and to sense and anticipate how they are likely to respond to suggestions you might make.

Emotional Intelligence has been found to be an excellent predictor of outstanding leadership performance, job satisfaction and the ability to cope with work-related stress. As such it has significant applied value and is particularly useful in recruitment processes, identifying potentially successful employees, team building and enhancing leadership competencies.

Importantly, because the skills associated with emotional intelligence can be developed, improved upon and indeed learned through coaching, it is potentially a very powerful and potent concept for organisational success. Emotional Intelligence is not just nice to have in organisations; it is crucially important for progress and success.

Our clients can avail of a range of initiatives to help develop the levels of emotional intelligence in their organisations. These include:

  • Seminars
  • One-to-one coaching
  • Online learning modules
  • Online interactive coaching
  • Continuous monitoring and prompts
  • 360° assessment, pre and post

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