“You’ve got me – but who’s got you?”

Learn the skills required to develop your personal resilience

This year, are you wrestling with delivering the same results on a reduced budget in your role?

Are you trying to pick up the pieces in an organisation where your colleagues have been made redundant?

Are the demands of your work role affecting your enjoyment of the other roles you have in your personal life?

Most organisations – and the people who work in them – are going through huge change at the moment. Many people are doing their best in the face of their concerns about the market, the economy and the future.

People are being asked to play their part, yet many are challenged by not knowing what to do with their own lives and careers. While some have choices that they’re not sure they can make, others are being forced to make significant decisions in their lives based on changes that are happening to them that they had not foreseen.

What is needed is clear thinking, an ability to see the opportunities that are there, a focus on doing the important things, keeping existing customers and business relationships and a determination to go out and be even better than before.

We are delighted to offer a highly experiential and engaging workshop for managers and employees who are faced with the daily challenge of change.

By attending this workshop, participants will learn about;

  • The five ingredients of personal resilience
  • The positive impact of being more resilient
  • Some practical tools that you can apply to build your own ‘personal resilience’
  • Some powerful questions to ask to create a more resilient way of thinking
  • The power of critically examining your own ‘performance’ in work and life

The content and duration of this workshop can be tailored to meet your organisation’s specific requirements.

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