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Your time is much too valuable to be spent doing things that you are either unsuited to or simply do not like doing. You are, however, responsible for your success and only you can make the decision as to what direction your career will take.

Aim of Our Career Coaching:

Our aim is to help you to re frame your current challenges as opportunities and fully equip you with the confidence to make decisions and take actions which will ensure you get the maximum satisfaction possible from your next step, whether this be changing your current professional path or beginning a new career path.

Approach of Our Career Coaching in Dublin:

Approach of Our Career Coaching in Dublin:
Our approach to career coaching is to provide you with a dedicated resource – an experienced Corporate Psychologist who will guide, support and assist you as you take this next step, helping you to learn more about yourself and where your skills lie. We will also help you to develop the skills that you will need to be successful, such as building your personal brand and selling your skills most effectively at interviews.


  • Psychometric assessments allow us to determine your preferred style of working, your attitudes, beliefs and values, vocational interests and behavioural tendencies
  • One-to-one feedback and coaching sessions will then follow, allowing you to begin a journey of self-exploration, thus helping you to identify what you like doing and what you are good at (not always the same thing)
  • Identification of occupational groups that best match their interests and competencies
  • Each coaching session is packed with tools, helpful hints and resources that you can use now and in the future
  • Additional sessions cover areas such as job search/networking advice, CV preparation, cover letter writing, interview skills

Why Use a Career Coach in Dublin?

Our Career Coaching helps you to:

  • Understand what your potential is and how you can use it effectively
  • Increase self-awareness and self-insight
  • Identify preferred style of working
  • Identify vocational preferences
  • Identify areas for development
  • Uncover previously unknown skills and abilities
  • Refocus existing skill set in new directions
  • Set goals, create plans of action and make them happen
  • Develop your personal brand

Our Corporate Psychologists and Career Coaches have a wealth of experience in the areas of career change and development, allowing us to offer you our expert industry knowledge to help you succeed in overcoming challenges and maximise your potential as you move forward with your professional life.

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