Management Development

In our approach to management development we balance the needs of the organisation with those of the individuals concerned. From the organisation’s point of view development is often focused on interventions that have a direct link to the achievement of corporate objectives. From the individual’s point of view, development can be as much about personal development as it is about corporate development. Getting the balance right is critical.
As a general principle, management development can be dealt with under two broad headings, development of key skills and knowledge and the development of competencies that are consistent with the delivery of high performance.
While skills and knowledge may be acquired through traditional learning interventions, such as attending courses of study and the achievement of accredited standards, the development of competencies is achieved through changes in the way that individuals behave. For the development of a management population the route is less like the formal training route but rather one of changing the way that individuals do things. This change shifts the burden of ownership of development from the organisation to the individual.

Areas of focus on our management development programme include:

• Increasing focus on long-term goals
• Developing coaching skills
• Fostering creativity and innovation
• Helping managers to build and manage relationships
Our approach to management development is centred on the process of supporting the individual in the identification of their own development needs and facilitating the personal commitment to meeting those needs.

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