The main purpose of an interview is to gather as much detail as possible on the person you are interviewing in order to have a sound basis for making your selection decision. By utilising a competency based approach in selection interviews, questioning and investigation can hone in on the interviewees ability to demonstrate those competencies that have been identified as critical for success in the job in question. Essentially, employing this approach will allow organisations to ascertain if the person being interviewed has the core competencies to succeed in the job.

Competency based interview training involves teaching interviewers to identify and understand the key characteristics associated with high performance and organisational success. In order to achieve this goal, behavioural indicators are identified and isolated which in turn allows these competencies to be observed and measured in interview. Behavioural indicators provide valuable selection criteria for recruitment because they can be used to evaluate candidates from a variety of backgrounds against a core set of competencies.

Our approach to Competency Based Interview Training has a number of objectives, including:

  • To understand the characteristics of competency/success factor descriptions
  • To understand what behaviour is and how evidence-based processes can be used to measure behaviour
  • To create appropriate questions for interviews in order to gain evidence of competency/success factors
  • To practice interviewing skills with the use of probes and focusing devices
  • To interpret the evidence presented in interviews and the way in which this can be weighted and used when making selection decisions

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