Increasingly companies recognise that the insightful and accurate assessment of senior executives is a key process in ensuring effective leadership and business performance. Differentiating between performance and potential is one of the critical challenges facing organisations with regards to senior appointments. The safest and most reliable way of making these decisions is undoubtedly through the use of psychometric profiling.

The importance of getting it right

  • Making the right senior appointment is critical to growing business success and shareholder value. Generally selection decisions are made on the basis of a very small amount of information. You might have met a candidate several times but do you really increase your knowledge of their skills and abilities on each encounter or seek confirmation of your first impression?
  • Leadership performance and effectiveness is a blend of strategic ability, determination and the capacity to align all the people inside and outside of the business to the achievement of growth, market share, margin, control of cost and return on assets. Strategic ability is relatively easy to evaluate from an individual’s track record and what they say at interview.
  • How a candidate will turn the vision into reality cannot be confidently established in interview – it will depend on how they work with the organisation’s culture, what sort of climate they create and how they inspire and motivate others. In reality the perfect hire does not exist – there is always an element of compromise. To get the maximum effect as soon as possible, it is vitally important to know what to do to compensate for these compromises.
  • An in-depth, independent assessment can provide the insights and information about an individual’s style that normally is achieved only after a working relationship has been established for a number of months. Psychometric profiling allows you to obtain the right information in a timely and accurate way reduces the risk of surprises in the hiring process and enhances the probability of success.

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