Psychometric Testing, Ireland

Psychometric testing is designed primarily to support hiring and promotion decisions, which are among the most important decisions your business has to make. Depending on resumes and interviews alone will not tell you whether someone will fit into your company’s culture, how they will interact with existing employees and whether they will be committed to their role. Psychometric tests can and this is where the play a critical role in your decision making.

Why Choose Us for Psychometric Testing?

At Davitt Corporate Partners we bring a unique level of professionalism to selection decisions. Our use of psychometric assessment follows a clearly-defined, measurable and well-established process. We utilise the most highly validated and respected psychometric tests in order to help your company to select the best candidate for the job. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients. This begins by gaining a thorough understanding of your recruitment needs, which enables us to tailor the selection process to your specific and unique requirements

The Benefits of Psychometric Tests

We use psychometric assessment as a central part of the recruitment process for a number of reasons:

  • Psychometric tests are a reliable and objective means of establishing information about candidates that is directly related to the way they are likely to perform in a job.
  • It is possible to make direct quantifiable comparisons between other candidates and other relevant occupational populations.
  • The information obtained from the psychometric testing process is complementary to other selection methods used and can assist in improving the validity of the overall selection decision.
  • Individuals who are assessed are generally impressed with a process that is seen to give them an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and attitudes in a fair and objective manner.


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