Davitt Corporate Partners rated 10/10 based on 22 Client and Candidate reviews.

Neuravi was a start-up MedTech company in 2011 when we first engaged Davitt Corporate Partners and our HR focus at the time was on getting every hire right.  Our philosophy was simple – every hiring error represented a substantial portion of our workforce and, therefore, would cost us significantly both in terms of productivity as well as absorbing valuable management time.  We sold the business to J&J in 2017 with a team of 35 professionals spread across the US and Europe.  J&J saw the technological capabilities of our team and created a Neuro Technology Centre in Galway with Neuravi as its core.  This team has grown to about 80 engineers and scientists and is a powerhouse of innovation and R&D execution.  When J&J acquired Neuravi they didn’t just buy products and intellectual property, they also acquired a cohesive dynamic team capable of designing, developing, manufacturing and commercializing leading edge technologies.  Davitt Corporate Partners played a central and continuous role in the building of that team.

Eamon BradyFounder and Former CEO of Neuravi Ltd

I once read that the leadership journey is actually an obstacle course; what we learn from adversity can help build critical leadership skills. Success can come from preparation, patience and passionate curiosity. My personal journey has taken me though medical education, clinical cardiology, and (later on) to business school. I have moved location from the UK to the US, and also added some new career directions, first as a biotechnology executive and then in a clinical research organization. Although I was fortunate to have enjoyed some success, I had also experienced some of the pitfalls common to many subject matter experts advancing in management roles. I first met Adrienne Davitt in 2009 during a Leadership Excellence Program coordinated by DCP. Several psychological instruments and interviews were administered to our group, followed by detailed individual feedback. Adrienne has a no-nonsense but highly professional approach; her explanation of my personality traits, with discussion of strengths and weaknesses was a transformative experience. Over subsequent years, regular coaching sessions have helped me achieve pre-specified objectives in a personal development plan, with particular focus on self-awareness and emotional intelligence. That guidance has allowed me to better leverage strengths, whilst more effectively managing limitations. Professional success has also come, with 2 promotions on the industry side of my career as well as advancement in my medical career. In addition, Adrienne encouraged me to shape future goals, including studying for and completing an executive MBA. Some years ago I believed that further personal development was neither necessary nor possible. I can honestly now say that professional coaching with Adrienne Davitt of DCP has directly benefited my career progression and job satisfaction. I sincerely hope that other aspiring executives will keep an open mind with respect to how they can negotiate the obstacles in their own personal journey.

Jonathan GoldmanCEO, Aptuit LLC

It was my first experience carrying out a psychometric and personality assessment and I must say I felt extremely fortunate to have undergone this experience under the supervision of David Keane. This wasn’t some remote and generic assessment, but on the contrary it was engaging, personal, very insightful and tailored to a current situation. It was truly an experience of self-discovery that directly helped to focus on my individual strengths and on the development of a sustainable career path.

Pierre-Yves FiorasoDigital Transformation Manager - CRH

Part of the interview process for my current role was Psychometric and Emotional Intelligence testing. Davitts were engaged to carry out the testing and evaluation of the results. The interview process for any candidate is generally a stressful situation, especially when detailed testing is involved. Throughout my career I have employed the services of companies that specialise in the provision of these tests and I have also experienced the process as a candidate on several occasions. From the moment I arrived at Davitts I was made to feel welcome and put at ease. On meeting David Keane, he explained the entire process in detail and made sure that I was fully informed and prepared before commencing. What I found unique about the experience was Davitts approach to the process. In previous experiences there was little, or no information provided about the tests, what they measure and how the results will be used. What I really found beneficial was the post-test review. David spent over an hour taking me through the results and explained in detail what each response meant to me as an individual and the role I was being interviewed for. What gave me additional comfort about the process is that David is a qualified psychologist, again something that I have not experienced before with other companies. When I look back at the process as an individual, I feel as though I had personally engaged Davitts such was the quality of service and the experience. I would have no hesitation in recommending Davitts from the perspective of both an employer and a candidate if you are looking for a high quality, focused and efficient service provider.

Larry MillardDirector of Operations – City Wonders Tours

We used Davitts to assist us in the selection of a key senior appointment. We found them to be highly professional in their approach when they screened internal and external candidates on our short list. Their evidence based evaluation and feedback was of great benefit to us in making the final selection

Kieran FoxCEO - Redbrook Ingredients Group

Career coaching has empowered me with the confidence I need to make a change in my career. Through assessment and discussion, I have gained more insight into what my professional strengths are as well as where my interests lie. I would recommend career coaching to any professional who is considering developing their skills or making a career change.

MaryHealthcare Professional

Davitt Corporate Partners are, in my opinion, the leading independent occupational psychologists working in Ireland today. Their consultants are highly educated and professionally trained but what sets them apart is their passion for their work and the high standard of delivery on every piece of work they undertake, whether individual career assessment or large work group based assessments. As a provider of executive search services, it is important to my firm to have access to highly trained professionals that understand the talent acquisition business and can provide my clients’ with excellent occupational testing and consultation which, is often needed when assessing talent. I firmly believe Davitt Corporate Partners to be an important firm in this field and I have always recommended them to my multinational and indigenous based clients.

David J HannonDirector - Elysearch and Placement

We believe in the science of testing, but find that Davitt’s method of integrating test results with an interview/feedback session, adds quality and color to the assessments. We have had our entire team tested for both personality type as well as aptitude and found that the thorough assessment was very helpful in assessing capability, but also in understanding how we can better communicate with each other. We spent a further half day interacting with one another and leaning about our personality types, facilitated by David Keane, who did a great job on both the testing and the follow-up interactive session.

Richard Boadway CEO, Longitude Licensing

We are a start-up company with ten full time staff and we are very sensitive to hiring mistakes. At the current time, each person in our organisation represents 10% of the workforce and a hiring error can really cost us in both loss of productivity and in terms of the distraction to key management. Davitt CP greatly reduces the risks associated with the hiring process for us by taking the subjectivity out of it. Recruitment agencies charge much more for their services and in my view DavittCorporatePartners add more value than any recruitment firm we have used. It’s a no-brainer for me! Their assistance proved to be especially important when hiring in functional areas where our experience was less deep. I have found their people to be responsive, flexible and focused on my business needs. I highly recommend Davitt CP to any organisation, start-up or otherwise.

CEOLife Sciences start-up in Galway, CEO

Whenever we, or any of our clients, need executives assessed, we send them to Davitt Corporate Partners. Their expertise in analysing and interpreting the personality, behaviour, emotional intelligence, and reasoning capabilities of people is second to none and has been invaluable to us and our clients over the years. They are completely dependable, reliable, professional and always find time to get the job done no matter how tight the deadline. Their ethos suits us too. As psychologists, most of their work, like ours, is highly confidential in nature and working on projects that require a very high level of sensitivity is second nature to them. We have recommended them in the past and would do so again in the future without hesitation and we look forward to continuing our excellent relationship with them for many more years to come.

Barry O’ConnorManaging Partner - MERC Partners

Thanks to David’s very sophisticated one-on-one training I was not only able to improve my EQ skill set during the last 18 months significantly but also able to deal with interpersonal issues in my very challenging business environment. David provided me with a essential asset how to deal with own emotions as well as with those of others. Last but not least David gave me a profound understanding how to build up and expand relationships in professional manner.

Alexander SmeetsManaging Director Technique at AUMUND Asia (H.K.) Ltd, Hong Kong

I only wish I had done it sooner! Having been out of work for nine months, I undertook a programme of career coaching with DavittCP through the EGF. Thanks to the coaching, within two months, I was back working again. The career coaching allowed me to understand my strengths as well as understand the areas I needed to develop and gave me the confidence to be able to sell those strengths with conviction at interview. It offered a thorough review of my interview technique and once I had produced a “master” CV, how I could tailor each CV and covering letter to the role I was applying for. The support does not end once the sessions finish. The encouragement and feedback continue as long as you require them. It is very clear that DavittCP genuinely want to see you succeed. The whole process was completely bespoke to my own needs and, as it is one-to-one, it is far more meaningful than any outplacement support I received when Talk Talk closed. I will carry the invaluable learnings I acquired forward into my future career. I wholeheartedly recommend this programme to any of my colleagues from Talk Talk and I am more than happy to tell them about the programme myself. DavittCP have my private email address, so if you want to discuss any of this, just contact David Keane and he will give you my email address. When you add all the time you spend on the programme up, it probably equates to about 24 hours. What’s that in the context of the rest of your life? Nothing! But it may help you find a career path or a new area of education that could change your life for the better, forever. Don’t think about it, call DavittCP and the EGF and do it – it’s a few hours that could change the rest of your life!

Dave PhillipsContact Centre Manager, Talk Talk

Over the course of my career I have participated in the interview process both as a candidate and as a prospective employer. I have been tested via psychometric tests on a number of occasions but what differentiated the process going through Davitt Corporate Partners was the hands on personal approach. From my experience, psychometric and similar tests have come in the form of unannounced emails with formulaic text which on completion (from a candidate’s perspective) go into the ether with little or no feedback. Davitt Corporate Partners go the extra mile and are extremely engaged throughout the process – giving advanced notice of what to expect and an overview of what will take place in the 4 hours at their office where further onsite logical and reasoning testing takes place followed by a thorough validation interview. Each stage is explained in detail giving the format, the context and the rationale behind each test. The entire process is transparent with each test scored and walked through on completion. The validation interview systematically steps through your psychometric results with interesting conversations arising at various points delving deeper into different areas.

Interviews, at the best of times are stressful situations but David Keane, while professional to the core, put me at ease and made the process insightful, educational and as pleasant as situations such as these can be.

A candidate gets immediate insights and feedback which irrespective of the role, is invaluable knowledge for the candidate to further understand and improve themselves.

I will definitely use Davitt Corporate Partners for my future hiring needs for senior positions after experiencing the process first hand.

Global Head of IT

I met with David as I was trying to decide what part-time course I would sign up to. I hadn?t been to college before and I have been working for the past 7 years so it was daunting to try and decide what course was for me. David highlighted my strengths that allowed me to choose an applicable course and also the confidence as I had no formal training in over 7 years. David also gave me guidance on how to allocate my time more effectively and I learnt that I can?t do everything myself and sometimes I have to delegate. I would highly recommend the career coaching with David and for somebody not coming from a corporate environment I felt very comfortable.

Joe BPlant Engineer

On approaching Davitts to assist in the selection of our new Fujitsu Ireland Leadership Team, from the first engagement with David Keane I had confidence in their abilities and knew that they would add value to the selection process. Time was tight and the process comprehensive. David and his team were fantastic in providing support throughout the process and very flexible in producing a high volume of comprehensive high quality assessment reports in a very short time frame. In the New Year candidates will have the opportunity to receive one to one assessment feedback and coaching from David which will be of great benefit to both the candidates and the Company.

Barbara HopkinsHR Manager, Fujitsu Ireland

Our organisation employed the services of Davitt Corporate Partners to identify suitable leaders for the future I found the experience exhilarating and extremely informative. The Process was directed by David Keane and Jayne Lee. I found the service, advice and knowledge provided by Davitt’s team exceptional. The face to face interaction with David was fantastic and the information obtained about my personality was enlightening and invaluable. The experience enhanced my personal confidence immensely.

Eamonn ThorntonLondon Regional Operations Manager, Mercury Engineering

I met with David Keane for career coaching as I am in my final year in college and, as jobs are very limited in the area which I am currently studying, I was unsure as to what I could or should do next. David was able to give me a very clear indication of my strengths, interests and preferences, and, based on these, the types of careers that are most likely to be provide me with genuine job satisfaction. I can now see that I have many more options open to me than I previously thought. I highly recommend DCP’s career coaching to anyone who is in a similar position to me.

James MCollege Student

I was very impressed with David Keane, the professionalism of his company & the myriad of services available to suit all needs. I was at a cross-roads after redundancy so the coaching was extensive, allowing me to delve into my strengths & weaknesses through Psychometric/Personality Profiling among other assessments and DavittCP’s bespoke EGF workbook which really helped me to think about my strengths, interests and values in ways I had not done before . I would highly recommend this to anyone at any level in employment or unemployment. It’s a fantastic investment in your future & a choice I’m delighted to have made. Why do then what you can do now? If you know me or, know of me, from Talk Talk, please do not hesitate to contact me on odalyb@gmail.com and I will be happy to tell you first hand the level of expertise you will find at DavittCP and how I am so happy that I made the decision to pick up the phone and call them

Brendan O’DalyTeam Manager, AOL/TalkTalk

My view is that personal development is the foundation for growth both in your business life and personal life. Working with Adrienne over the past few years has equipped my with a new set of tools and skills to facilitate significant changes in how I manage myself on a daily basis. It is an experience I am thoroughly enjoying albeit Adrienne puts me through my paces every time we meet. Adrienne’s extensive experience in supporting and developing senior international executives means that there is an in depth appreciation of the environment and challenges in which I operate. There is nothing cookie cutter about the DCP approach and I feel that the service I am getting is genuinely tailored to me. Adrienne and the team at DCP allow you to build a comprehensive picture of yourself including EQ, which promotes a greater level of self-awareness. This in turn allows you to manage yourself to ensure you optimize the performance of you and your team in a variety of circumstances. Working with Adrienne takes commitment from both sides and I would only recommend engaging with DCP if you are prepared to invest in the process.

John JordanCEO, Ornua

We have worked with David Keane of Davitt Corporate Partners for a number of years on the provision of assessment services on behalf of our clients for senior executive roles.  David has always been professional, discreet and insightful in our dealings with him.

In many cases David has had to work to tight deadlines and has delivered for both candidates and clients.  His ability to deliver his findings in a sensitive and constructive feedback session has always been well received by our clients and candidates.  His contribution to the overall process has been valued across a range of sectors.

We would have no hesitation in recommending David and his team and look forward to our continued working relationship for many years.

Tom KeanePartner, Lansdowne Executive Search

Since 2014 the Irish Aviation Authority have engaged the services of Davitt Corporate Partners in the field of occupational psychology to work with participants on the Student Air traffic Controller program (SCP).  The SCP program is very intense, and demands a high level of very specific skills.  Students have found the services provided by Davitt Corporate Partners to have been of great benefit, particularly in relation to how they apply themselves in achieving the goals of the training, and coping with the pressures of the program.  They have been willing to help in individual cases where a targeted approach to issues have made the difference for some students.  Over the years we have come to appreciate their professionalism and their skill in helping to train the next generation of air traffic controllers.

Declan CusackDevelopment Specialist, Entry Point North Ireland (IAA)