Self Awareness

Self Awareness – The First Component of Emotional Intelligence.

Self awareness is the first component of emotional intelligence – it means having a deep understanding of one’s emotions strengths, weaknesses needs and drives. People with strong self-awareness are neither overly critical not unrealistically hopeful. Rather, they are honest- with themselves and with others.  People who have a high degree of self awareness recognize how their feelings affect them, other people, and their job performance. Self awareness extends to a person’s understanding of his or her values and goals. Someone who is highly self-aware knows where he is headed and why; so, for example, he will be able to be firm in turning down a job offer that is tempting financially but does not fit with his principles or long-term goals.

How can one recognize self-awareness?

  • People with high self-awareness are able to speak accurately and openly – although not necessarily effusively or confessionally- about their emotions and the impact they have on their work.
  • They know, and are comfortable talking about their strengths and limitations, and they often demonstrate a thirst for constructive criticism.
  • Self aware people can be recognized for their self confidence. They have a firm grasp of their capabilities and are less likely to set themselves up to fail, knowing when to ask for help, and the risks they take on a job are calculated. They won’t ask for a challenge that they know they cant handle alone. They’ll play to their strengths.

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