The Importance of One to One Meetings

The Importance of One to One Meetings


One-on-one meetings allow managers to make real connections with individual team members. These meetings allow managers to connect individually, and provide an opportunity to build rapport, gauge morale, identify potential burnout, talk through key issues. One-on-one discussions are mutually beneficial and can be a great forum for managers to ask probing questions. They facilitate feedback on any potential initiatives, allowing managers to build consensus on strategies that potentially require additional handling and/or positioning to gain consensus. .

Great 1 on 1s are:

  • Regularly scheduled, and scheduled in advanced
  • Rarely missed
  • Primary focus on the team member
  • Notes and Follow up is critical

Most managers will hold one on one meetings monthly with each team member, ad will allocate: – 10 minutes for the individual to discuss matters – 10minutes for you and – 10 minutes for career/growth/development/any other business

Some Questions to Bear in Mind

What do I need to communicate? What behavior of theirs am I focusing on? What projects or work am I/they involved in?What organizational issues/news/efforts can I share? What meetings have I just attended – what did I learn? What are the common items I need to get out to everyone –about schedules/projects/ workload or our team? What positive Feedback can I give? What developmental feedback am I going to give? What project, task or work would be helpful to their development?

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