There is no safety in doing nothing

There is no safety in doing nothing

Andrew Harley

In 2008 the business landscape changed.  Banks faltered and failed, currencies became volatile, commodity prices soared and credit and capital became scarce or even non-existent.

Most business leaders responded by “battening down the hatches to ride out the storm”.  In reality this translated into programs of aggressive cost management, consolidation, rightsizing and being defensive.

The landscape has changed to one that is filled with organizations that are frozen – waiting, waiting for the warmth of economic recovery to breathe life back into them.  There is an expectation of a return to normality.

Three years ago the world changed.  Time does not go backwards nor  does it stand still.  The organizations that aspire to grow and prosper must make strategic plans based on the current reality, waiting for better times is not an option – the luxury of time was ripped away three years ago.

The leadership challenge just got tougher.  A key ingredient of success will be courage, the courage to make decisions and create plans, to wrest control from circumstances and drive forward for the good of the organization.  To continue to do nothing is to wait for someone else to turn off the lights.